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Both of them work in the same cinema at 221B Baker Street, one is a projectionist, the other is a ticket seller. They’ve never really talked to each other, well, not until Sherlock finally went up and impressed John with his extensive knowledge of film. “That… was amazing," John says. 

Cinema AU 

*throwing sparkles*

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Sometimes I read something online, and my eyebrows affix themselves to the ceiling to chill for a few hours like bats.

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Anonymous asked: ok so like what if derek was a teen jeopardy champion. huh? HUH?!





Anon I really dig your aggressive certainty about this because yes. YES.

Never has any suggestion more elegantly reconciled my own cherished headcanon of Teen Derek: ULTRA-NERD with the show’s actual representation of Teen Derek: POSTURING DOUCHEBAG. It is all coming together!!! DEREK HALE, DOUCHENERD.

Using his wolf senses to beat everyone else who might know the answer to the buzzer!

Giving off serious NERD ATTITUDE in his slacks and baby-blue polo shirt!

Buzzing in after another contestant answers wrong and being like WHAT ARE ‘BERSERKERS’ with such concentrated sass that the whole audience can hear the implied IDIOT at the end!!

Cockily flirting with the pretty student from Colorado at the next podium but getting scared and making an excuse when she immediately proposes that they hook up in the green room!!!

stiles and scott finding it on youtube



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OMG, THIS WAS MY “AWKWARD PROM PHOTO” OP FROM BITECON! I was internally squeeing watching Melissa and Linden put the corsage and boutonniere I made on each other.

And I don’t know how that bad manip version got out, but I am providing the original as an HQ transparent PNG.


Literally every single member of the school board agrees that it would be a terrible idea for the graduating class to have a prom. It would be inviting mayhem and murder, quite literally. After the last few years, no one can imagine a big school event without at least one dead body afterwards.

But - “Don’t you think that after everything, these kids deserve a little joy?” asks one particularly domineering mother who really just wants to live vicariously through her daughter. She won’t let it go, the notion spreads, and the next thing anyone knows, it’s no longer “cancel prom, save lives” but instead “who has first aid training and is also willing to chaperone?”

It’s Scott’s and Stiles’s senior year, and thankfully that means that it’s easy to enlist Melissa McCall, who’s more competent than all of the doctors at Beacon Hills General put together, and Sheriff Stilinski, who can carry a weapon and knows how to use it. Everyone hopes their skills won’t be needed, but better safe than sorry.

"Don’t worry," Scott assures them, fiddling with the cuffs of his rented tux. "Things have been quiet lately. Since we dealt with those zombies last week."

"You’re sure you got them all?" Melissa asks, batting his hand off his cuff so she can fix it herself. She brushes some wrinkles from his jacket, which is already rumpled, and takes a step back to look at him.

She is not going to cry. She is not. But there’s something about Scott dressed up like this that just gets to her. He’s so handsome, and the tux makes him look older, but something about his grin and the gleam in his eye gives her that cliche he’s still my little boy feeling.

"As sure as we can be," he assures her. He leans in to kiss her cheek, then says, "I gotta head off to Kira’s, that’s where the limo is picking us up. Mr. Yukimura promised to take a thousand pictures of us, don’t worry. Oh, and Sheriff Stilinski said he’d pick you up."

"Okay," she says. "See you there."

Scott waves as he heads out, and Melissa thinks wistfully of her own prom, so many years ago. It had ended up disappointing, in the basement of an afterparty with her football player date. She doesn’t regret it — high school was what it was, and he was a pretty okay guy — but there wasn’t exactly anything magical there. She hopes Scott’s will be better, though where supernatural creatures are concerned, maybe the less magic, the better.

Sheriff Stilinski pulls up fifteen minutes later. He actually comes up to knock on the door, and she grins when she sees him. They’re chaperones, not teenagers, so they aren’t exactly dressed formally, but they both put in the effort to look nice. She’s wearing a dress which shows off her (rather excellent) legs, though the neckline is mom-appropriate. He’s wearing a suit and tie and a smile, and offers his arm to lead her to his car, then opens the door for her.

There’s a corsage sitting on the passenger seat.

She looks at him with raised eyebrows and he flushes a little, shrugging. But what he says is, “Stiles snooped and found out they’d go with your dress, I guess. He got it as an impulse purchase when he was picking up his and Danny’s boutonnieres.”

"If it was an impulse, why was he snooping into what dress I’d wear?" she asks.

The sheriff’s face goes redder. “I think our kids might be…”

"Trying to set us up on an awkward parent date?" Melissa realizes.

The sheriff sighs. “Stiles got me a boutonniere, too. It’s in the back, I’m not actually going to…”

"If I’m wearing the corsage, you’re wearing the boutonniere," she says.

"Yeah?" He smiles a little. "Okay, then."

Prom goes… mostly well. Jackson is back and town and he and Lydia mostly glare at each other before giving in and dancing and then becoming inseparable. Isaac’s tux isn’t quite big enough for him, there’s a little bit too much sock showing, but he looks pretty nice and besides, Allison is utterly radiant. Melissa suspects Erica picked out her dress specifically to skirt the line of inappropriate, but he looks amazing, and Boyd dotes on her accordingly. Danny looks gorgeous and not at all teenage in his tux, and even Stiles looks impeccable, since Danny picked out everything he’s wearing. And of course Scott and Kira look lovely, and stare at each other with hearts in their eyes all night, gliding across the dance floor with a grace Melissa suspects is, in fact, supernatural.

There’s a single, brief snag — one of the zombies did escape last week’s battle, and it groans and throws itself at the window. The pack all freezes, going on high alert, but the monster explodes in a blast of flesh and fire only a second later; Derek waves at them from behind it and then vanishes. Everyone goes back to dancing, because that barely causes a blip these days.

There’s an official photographer who’s taking pictures of all of the couples, plus candids whenever he gets a chance. Melissa doesn’t even see them coming when one of the kids knocks into her, sending her sprawling into Sheriff Stilinski, who catches her just as the flash goes off.

She looks over and finds the pack all grinning at them. Stiles is giving them a thumbs up. The Sheriff is blushing again.

"You know," she muses, taking his hand and pulling him towards the dance floor, "if you wanted to take me to prom, you could have just asked."

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Dear Internet,

I want a fanfic where Stiles and Derek go to a cat cafe, and the feline residents just congregate around Derek because he is their favorite while Stiles cackles and takes many photos.