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The Maze Runner: Advance Clips and Conversation (NYC)


I’m surprised this event hasn’t sold out yet but anyway! Posting about this again in case any of my followers didn’t see it before!

There’s a Maze Runner event in NYC on Tuesday, September 16th at 7:30 PM with Dylan, James Dashner, and Jacob Latimore (tiny role in the movie).

Rows N and above have a discounted price of $15 if you’re the ages of 35 and under. If you wanna be closer to the stage, they’re $39. This is of course before service fees.

Here’s the link!

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I went to an early screening of The Maze Runner with lala-pon, x-serenade, and fyeahsheriff.

Most pleased by how it tackled my main issues with the book and greatly improved the final product.

Also, the cast did an amazing job. I’M CONFUSED BY HOW I REALLY LIKED GALLY? How the heck did Will Poulter pull that off?

Newt has chemistry with everyone.

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